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Content Management System

Take Control of Your Online Presence. Improve Your Access and Reduce Costs.
At JVSWEB, we understand that business can change quickly, so being able to update or modify your website easily is absolutely essential.

Content Management System

A Content Management System (CMS) is the only solution you need if you’re looking to launch your own customizable content driven web site in an extremely short amount of time. From its extensible customization options to its simple content creation process, CMS leads the way in content authoring for everyone, regardless of technical ability.

CMS manages content (text, graphics, links, files, videos, etc.) for distribution on a web server. The software provides tools where users with little or no knowledge of programming languages and markup languages (such as HTML) can create and manage content with relative ease of use. We can take your existing site and work into our system or produce a custom site design incorporating your branding.

Responsive Design, Web Design

Content Management System, CMS, Web Design, Web Design Toronto

We Recommend WordPress

When choosing a CMS, there are many different brands, and every web designer will have their own opinion as to which one is the best. At JVSWEB, we unanimously recommend WordPress.

We believe that WordPress is the best CMS on the market today for many reasons but mostly for its usability. WordPress is an elegant, well-designed, personal publishing system built on PHP and MySQL and is licensed under the GPL. WordPress is a powerful online publishing platform, that comes with a great set of features designed to make your experience as a publisher on the Internet as easy as possible. WordPress is great for everyone from beginners to pro’s.

Easy to Use CMS

The key feature for any CMS is ease of use.

JVSWEB will work with you to outline the custom content areas that are required for easier administration. With our expert guidance, we can speed up admin time, ensure pages are in-line with the original design and pre-configure fonts and style to ensure continuity across the site. This means that despite the number of users accessing the CMS, things will run smoothly, and all updates can be completed quickly and cost effective.

Content Management System, CMS, Web Design, Web Design Toronto

Content Management System, CMS, Web Design, Web Design Toronto

WordPress Key Features

  • Easy to use for non-technical users
  • Open source – no license fees
  • Constantly updated
  • Vast plugin library
  • Highly flexible code base
  • WYSIWYG content editor
  • Lots of online support
  • Search engine friendly
  • Social media integration
  • Custom content types

Other CMS We Can Support

While WordPress is our recommended platfor, we have worked with several other systems which we would happily recommend if they better suited to our customers requirements. Some other Content Management Systems that we have worked with in the past and continue to deliver include Joomla, and Drupal.

Content Management System, CMS, Web Design, Web Design Toronto

Content Management System, CMS, Web Design, Web Design Toronto

Why Choose JVSWEB?

  • Incredibly user-friendly
  • You will own the website/software we have built for you
  • Only Open Source Software – you are not locked into any contracts or template systems
  • Your CMS is future proof – expandable and upgradable
  • Awesome 24/7 support

Who should use a CMS?

Anyone from an experienced web developer to a novice on the internet.

  1. If you have found that sometimes creating a simple corporate or organization website is difficult in some of the other content management systems.
  2. If you have found that other CMS’s are sometimes “overkill” for what you need.
  3. If you want to be able to hand off the content management to editors.
  4. If you want complete control over the layout and appearance of the site, and you know how to do it.
  5. If you want a simple, easy to use, yet expandable tool – then JVSWEB is probably for you.

JVSWEB is not a replacement for software applications that build static websites like Dreamweaver or FrontPage, etc. These applications don’t use databases, provide little in the way of dynamic content, and usually content cannot be edited by customers.

Yes it is.  Most of our users find it a simple tool for managing their website(s). However, that does not mean that there isn’t some learning to be done. You will at the least need to learn the basics. JVSWEB can provide phone and email support for any questions you may have

To take advantage of JVSWEB, you should have at a minimum a basic understanding of:

  1. MS Word or comparable text editor
  2. Working with, and uploading files to a remote host
  3. Basic knowledge of website navigation and links

There are numerous forms of support available.

  1. JVSWEB Customer support: We offer 24/7 customer support. You can contact us through our website or by phone or email.
  2. The default content: The content pages that are displayed with a new installation of JVSWEB are an invaluable way of introducing yourself to the package and getting to know how the package works. We encourage you to read all of this thoroughly and save this information for future reference while managing your website.
  3. Built in Help: Each module installed in a JVSWEB website includes basic help and examples to assist in utilizing the functionality.
  4. Public/Community support: An online forum is an invaluable way of finding out information about the CMS and the add-ons. There are thousands of posts by the development team and members of our community that describe the various problems our users have encountered, and how they were solved.

Eliza Jacobs

Managing Director

“Finding a first rate web designer is challenging for a small business. I was extremely fortunate to find Robert to create an online brand for our business. The communication during the entire process was superb and it was obvious that he was interested in developing a long-term relationship with us. Robert payed attention to every detail of our design, layout, color pallet, branding, presentation, and search engine optimization. His communication and response time was excellent and he welcomed our input and patiently heard all our concerns or recommendations. We continue to use Robert’s services to manage out site updates, and to create new features. I highly recommend Robert for your business!”

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